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最後 會長吳達仁 率全體董事








德基金會於10月28日舉辦的健康素食自助餐會,感謝住在West Palm Beach, Boca Raton及 Coral Spring的會員,不遠千里而來熱心參與,使得沈氏北京當午的餐會高朋滿座,菜色豐盛加上滿室的笑語,所有參加會員吃的開心聊的開懷,意猶未盡的互道珍重。



會員陳克強先生因腦癌逝世,Jim Chen曾在Simens服務過,對文協的活動熱心協助,11月12日由會長代表出席追悼會,表達全體會員對他的感謝及懷念。


 Dear Members: Hope all is well!

The new year of 2007 is coming soon. Fortunately, we didn’t have any hurricanes this year. Hopefully, the coming years will be calm and peaceful as well. All the CCASF board members appreciate and thank you all for your support. After several meetings and discussions with regards to the Annual Chinese New Year Festival, we have made some changes to insure the event runs smoothly this year. The tickets will be printed with table numbers so everyone will be guaranteed a seat this year. We invite all our members and your friends to attend the annual Chinese New Year Festival and to welcome the Year of the Boar!

We wish you and your family prosperity in the New Year!!

Dajan Wu

President of CCASF & All CCASF Board Members

◎CCASF Member News ◎◎

Thank you to Mrs. Tsai Hui Wu for her donation to CCASF and the Boca Raton Chinese School.

Big success at the Double Tenth National Day Flag Raising Ceremony & Moon Festival Luncheon held on October 7. Special “thank you” to Director General Mr. Owen Hsieh of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Miami who hosted the formal “Flag Raising Ceremony”

The President, the Treasurer and the Secretary of CCASF attended the Chinese Night at Millennium Ballroom hosted by the South Florida Chinese Ballroom Dance Club on October 7, 2006. The lantern designed by the President of CCASF won the second place trophy. Per the request of the Principal of the Boca Raton Chinese School, lantern making will become one of the classes of the Chinese Arts & Craft program.

To celebrate the Double Tenth National Day, the Taiwan Goodwill Mission did a wonderful performance in North Miami Beach Performing Arts Center on October 18, 2006. Thank you all for your support.

We had a great vegetarian luncheon at Shen's Peking restaurant on October 28. Special thanks to the members from West Palm Beach, Boca Raton and Coral Spring to attend this event. Everybody had a wonderful time.

On November 5, the President of Chuan Te Foundation, Ms. Shen Cathy donated a quarter of the proceeds of vegetarian luncheon at Shen’s Peking restaurant on October 28 to Boca Raton Chinese School at For Gwan Shan Temple of South Florida. Coral Spring Chinese School, Chizhe Foundation and For Kow Shan Temple all received a quarter of proceeds as well.

In addition, the President of CCASF represented CCASF to receive a photo album of “Cloud and Water” authored by “Master Shing Yun”.

◎◎ In Memory ◎◎

Former member, Jim Chen, passed away, due to brain cancer. Jim Chen worked at Siemens and was a valued member of CCASF. The President of CCASF represented our membership at the funeral on November 12.

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