Chinese Cultural Association of South Florida in Boca Raton - CCASF


Quotation from Lee Zoller:

“Natialie and I are just finishing our second year of language instruction. We have both learned a great deal! Although I will never see myself to be fluent in Mandarin, I feel I have become much more familiar with the language and with Chinese culture in general. South Florida is limited in the amount of exposure to Chinese culture I can give my daughter so I’m very grateful to the teachers at the Boca Raton Chinese School.”

“The Adult Chinese class is not just for those with children! For those of you who are waiting to travel, it’s a great place to learn some basic phrases, make friends with ….. and ask questions from both Americans and Chinese about what to expect on your upcoming trip….”

Quotation from Melanie Hayden:

“My husband is Chinese, and we want our children to be able to speak, read and write the language. Given the growing importance of China in the world, we believe that knowledge of Chinese will be a critical asset for our children’s future.”